Berkley have a new shape just hitting the shelves. The Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures 5 Inch. And not only is it new, it promises to be a brilliant general purpose, weapons grade fishing lure suitable for a whole host of applications, on the rivers, the estuaries and blue water reefs. Prepare your tackle box by clearing out some old diehards, the Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures 5 Inch is about to take up residence in your top shelf.

The primary feature of the new shape is the Curl tail. Sitting tantalisingly at the end of the shrimp profile, the tail flutters at the mere hint of water, creating an action so irresistible it’s deadly. Fish with braid fishing line to maximise the action, and feel free to experiment with jig head weights, or fish weight free. The lure is versatile and fishes brilliantly in most conditions throughout the water column.

For our money, it’s the versatility, and 5-inch size of the Gulp Jigging Shrimp that make it so very attractive. Estuary hunters will find it ideal for targeting massive Flathead. If you are looking for a class of Lizard over the 55cm mark, rig up a Gulp Jigging Shrimp. Those looking to target Mulloway will also do well. Be sure to have a range of colours to test however.

Hit the north and peg your Gulp Jigging Shrimp at Hungry Barra and be prepared for serious sport. If you tackle the areas where prawns dwell, you can expect to find non-stop Barra action. Remember, Barra can be very fussy about colours, so make sure your northern adventure is covered with a good selection of colours.

For the boat anglers frequenting our abundant reefs, target species such as Snapper and Trevally and the like. Weight up a little and drop a Gulp 5 inch Jigging Shrimp, the possibilities are limitless. The Tail is likely to attack a fierce attack on the drop, well before it reaches the intended place in the water column, so be ready.

The Gulp Jigging Shrimp Lures 5 Inch is for sale now and is more than likely to exceed expectations, as Berkley lures so frequently do.

Features And Specifications

Size: 5 inch

Pcs in a packet: 4 lures

Scent impregnated

Can be fished with jig heads or unweighted

Perfect for larger estuary species, Barra, large flathead, trevally, snapper and a range of other blue water reef dwellers

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