Most anglers know that big baits attract big fish and it only stands to reason. While small fish will often tackle monstrous lures, and big fish small lures, the rule of thumb still stands. If you’re looking to break size records, fish big. The Berkley Gulp 6 Inch Grub, while not the biggest grub is still a hefty lure. Any lure that takes a 7/0 hook has to be classed as big.Fish the Grub in the estuaries and rivers targeting massive Mulloway and Legend Lizards and of course the iconic Barramundi .



Type: Soft plastic, single tail Grub
Size: 6 inch
Recommended Jig head Hook sizes: 5/0 or 7/0 hook models
Pieces: 1 Packet of 4 Lures
Suitable for Snapper, Morwong, Mulloway, Barramundi and even 90cm+ sized flathead.

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