Pro Throw Mono Top Pocket Cast Net with Chain


The perfect prawning or baitfish net offering a large & effective, functional top pocket for trapping the prawns as they skip upwards & makes emptying your catch a breeze. Hot dipped galvanised welded chain for ultimate corrosion resistance & fast sinking through the water column to work prawns off the bottom. A marine grade stainless steel swivel & comprising of high grade 27mm monofilament. This net is hand sewn with 4 reductions using UV stabilised dyneema for all panel joins ensuring this net will open with ease when thrown. Maximum…

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Jarvis Walker Maxi Cast – Pocket Cast Net

jw maxi

Jarvis Walker MaxiCast Pro Series Cast Nets are the best cast nets available. Each net features a true-spread panel design for 30% more coverage than standard cast net designs. They are made from an exclusive SPS premium monofi lament netting. MaxiCast Cast Nets sink much faster and have a high-fl oating throwline. Please check the laws in your state regarding the use of cast nets.

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