Whether you’re after mud crabs, blue swimmer crabs, or any other types of crab, get geared up with the Jarvis Walker Crabbing Accessory Kit. Each set contains ID tags and a waterproof ID marker pen so you can label your crab pots, as well as 150mm floats so you can […]

The lift dilly isĀ used as a fast working dilly The idea is you lower the dilly into the water the crabs walk onto it you lift it up to capture the crab   *OR 4 for $120*

This rectangular crab trap is manufactured from 4mm galvanised steel with strong black mesh for durability and strength. The folding design allows for easy flat storage when not in use. The large frame and two entry holes make it capable of holding a good number of large crabs.

Crab n Gear standard Crab Pot 4 funnel comes complete with an 900mm diameter. The crab pot pop up is collapsible, has a 10mm galvanised frame and also comes complete with a chaffing rope.   OR 4 for $290.00