Berkley Shima Fork has revolutionised the soft-vibe bait. Its Natural swimming action transmits finesse vibrations on the lift with a subtle flutter on the drop. Life-like features enhance the lure to mimic real injured bait fish with intricate scales, gill patterns & 3d eyes. Featuring high quality TPE (thermoplastic Elastoner) […]

The Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure for sale now is a Swimbait with a difference. Articulated as swim baits are, the Drunken Mullet fishing lure adds a spinning prop tail feature that adds a new dimension to attracting big ones. The action makes it look like a wounded or exhausted fish. […]

  The Autotune design provides for 2 key features– maximum diving depth, and the ability to ensure the lure always swims straight. The DTX minnow with Autotune will always swim straight, first time and every time, no matter how many fish you catch. The other key feature of the Autotune […]

When developing Spotters eyewear, we focus on the lenses first. Why? Because they’re the most important component in delivering 100% UV protection and perfect visual clarity. Here in Australia, we’re hit by some of the harshest UV radiation in the world. Our lenses give you 100% protection from UVA and […]

The ARASHI TIGER swims with a tight rolling & wobbling action, and is stable at most speeds. Its high buoyancy design assists the Arashi Tiger to climb over underwater structure safely when reaching a maximum diving depth of 3m, while the signature Arashi circuit board lip kick starts the lure’s […]

The ever popular Barra lure, bought to you by Classic Lures! The Classic 160 Hardbody Lure has an unmatched tournament-winning heritage and is the first choice of all serious barramundi anglers. Designed by famous Australian lure maker, Rob Gaden, the Classic 160 lures are available in a variety of colours […]

This neutrally buoyant lure is an exceptional lure for casting at snags and structure where you want to crank the lure down to a desired depth and hold it in the strike zone either by twitching the lure or using a “rip and stop” type action. With many predatory fish, […]