Roves Wind on Leader

Rovex Wind on Leader

Serious sport and tournament anglers who use Fluorocarbon wind on Fishing Line leaders prefer Rovex Wind On Leader Line because of the premium leader material and ready-to-fish loop-to-loop connections. You simply attach the Wind On Leader to your main line in seconds and you’re set to fish. Each of the Rovex Wind On Fluorocarbon Leaders […]

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suffix wind on leader

Suffix Wind on Leader from $22.95

Sufix Wind-On monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders are the choice of top captains and tournament anglers. These versatile leaders attach to the mainline in seconds without knots or swivels. They allow the leader to wind-on the reel through the rod guides. This makes it easier to play a fish in tight for a successful landing or […]

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shimano wind on leader

Shimano Wind On Leader

Shimano Wind-On Leaders have a Dacron loop at the end, which when attached to a double line, allows the angler to wind the leader straight through the guides and onto the reel. This allows a fish to be controlled boatside far more easily and can be netted, gaffed or tagged without anyone else having to […]

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Penn Leader

Penn Wind on Leader

This Penn super x wind on leader is perfect for fisherman that are chasing the fish of a lifetime. Wind on leaders are used as an extra shock absorb when the big fish want to fight dirty. Available in various breaking strains

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Rovex Flurocarbon Leader

100% PVDF FLUOROCARBON PREMIUM LEADER! Rovex Fluorocarbon Leader is as close to invisible as is possible, sinks four times faster than monofilament nylon (mono) and has excellent abrasion resistance. It is made from premium-grade 100% PVDF, which stands for polyvinylidene fluoride. PVDF is a material with properties that make it the most highly-regarded fluorocarbon for […]

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Line System Shock leader

Line System Shock Leader

Advanced shock leader brings out the best of fluorocarbon’s characteristic properties. The perfect shock leader with fluorocarbon’s low stretch, superior wear resistance and high specific gravilty. Superior waer resistance for excellent performance in rough terrain bottom areas Available in various breaking strains & spool sizes

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fc rock leader

FC ROCK Leader

The Triple Resin Processing and double spooling process makes this 100% fluorocarbon leader very smooth with excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength. Designed to deliver high sensitivity with a hard outer for improved abrasion resistance around rocks and structure while remaining supple and easy to handle. AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS BREAKING STRAINS & SPOOL SIZES

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