The ARASHI TIGER swims with a tight rolling & wobbling action, and is stable at most speeds. Its high buoyancy design assists the Arashi Tiger to climb over underwater structure safely when reaching a maximum diving depth of 3m, while the signature Arashi circuit board lip kick starts the lure’s […]

Once this lure hits the water, you will instantly realise this is no ordinary lure. The ARASHI DEEP 10 swims with a moderate rolling action, with loads of tail kick to entice a strike from the most timid fish. Internal Multi-ball rattle for loud, variable pitch and long case design […]

The Storm Arashi Top Walker is a topwater walking lure that features a responsive walking action which delivers a longer glide and powerful wake even in choppy water conditions. Storm engineered the Arashi Top Walker to demand attention from fish with it’s wide glide action, low water position and multi-ball […]

Storm’s Jointed Minnow Stick has an aggressive action and loud rattle to wake up sleepy predators. This is a suspending lure, crank it down to the required depth and pause your retrieve to let it hover enticingly. Features include a strong diving lip, external scale pattern, holographic body/eyes and fitted with 2 x […]

For two years barramundi across Australia have been getting hooked on the Thunder Barra, yet unfortunately some deeper snag-dwellers have been missing out. At Storm, we don’t discriminate and we strongly believe that all barramundi, shallow or deep, should have access to this tasty lure… introducing Storm Thunder Barra Deep. […]

A suspending jerk bait with a thick, minnow profile and an aggressive action on retrieve. Very responsive to subtle, twitch style retrieve. On the pause, the bait comes to rest with an added wobble that triggers strikes.