zman swimmerz

Zman Swimmerz

The Zman Swimmerz soft plastic has an awesome tail action and body roll, even at dead-slow retrieve speeds. It has a hand-painted finish, 3D eyes and a moulded scale pattern. You need to have one of these in your tackle box! They have been designed to be matched with the TT Lures War Head jig […]

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zman Pop Shadz

Zman Pop Shadz

The ZMan revolution continues with the release of the 5” Pop ShadZ, a surface popper constructed from ZMan’s buoyant, 10X Tough, super-soft and flexible, ElaZtech material.

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zman DieZel Minnowz

Zman DieZel Minnowz

The ZMan 4″ DieZel MinnowZ was born from the success of the ZMan 3″ MinnowZ, a compact paddle tail plastic that has a knack for attracting the attention of everything from bass, flathead and jewies to mangrove jack and metre plus barra. After numerous requests from anglers for a larger version of the MinnowZ the […]

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streakz curly tailz

Zman Curly TailZ

Another classic profile with a twist from ZMan. The 4” StreakZ Curly TailZ are designed with a fat-minnow body that tapers to a large curly tail, that has an amazing action due to the ElaZtech construction which is super soft and flexible, yet 10X tougher than standard soft plastics. The Curly TailZ has already proven deadly […]

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Zman Grass KickerZ

Zman Grass Kickerz

Features of this soft plastic include an oversized paddle tail that creates an aggressive swimming action, combined with a tapered nose and slim profile that makes it ideal for working over and around heavy cover. Grass KickerZ are constructed from space-age ElaZtech, making them 10X tougher than a standard soft plastic and yet super-soft and […]

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zman turbo crawz

Zman Turbo Crawz

Adaptive, versatile fishermen will find the Turbo CrawZ to be the ultimate swim jig or ChatterBait trailer, as well as a deadly soft plastic companion whether Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, flipping, or buzzing the top. Incredibly durable and lifelike, the bait’s specially designed Turbo ClawZ thump at even the slightest rod movement or reel crank. […]

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scented jerk shad


The new ZMan 7” Scented Jerk ShadZ slots in nicely between the 5” version and the ZMan 8” StreakZ XL, to offer offshore anglers a comprehensive selection of jerk baits for targeting everything from snapper and other reefies, to kingfish, tuna and mackerel. The jerk bait profile has long proven effective, but ZMan is not […]

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