Shimano Sustain

shimano sustain

With a long and distinguished pedigree, the latest Sustain FI series is just loaded with high-end, high-performance features. How’s this for a lineup: Aluminium Hagane G Free Body, Hagane Gears, X-Ship, AR-C spool, Magnumlite Rotor, One Piece Bail, X Protect saltwater protection, and eight SA-RB bearings plus one roller bearing across four models from 2500 to 5000 sizes, including two compact models. AVAILALBLE in sizes 2500HG ,3000HG & 4000xG

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Shimano Sedona

shimano sedona

The iconic Shimano Sedona has quite literally stepped up a gear with the FI series. In the pursuit of further engineering excellence, Shimano has incorporated the Hagane Gear into this eight reel series. When compared to the previous FE model, the Sedona FI also boasts a significant upgrade in that the redesigned rotor is lighter, and there’s improved drag output on the 3000 through to the 8000 sizes. Available in Sizes 2500,4000,6000,8000

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Shimano Baitrunner OC

Shimano Baitrunner

The Baitrunner has deep roots in the Australian fishing scene, with the freespool principle having been first conceptualised here. The OC features advances like a machined handle, a replaceable spool clicker, Varispeed Oscillation for perfect line lay with Power Pro braid, and Propulsion Line Management for greater distance while casting. The BaitRunner lever moves towards the body to stop any accidental gear changes, and there’s three SA-RB bearings and an anti-reverse bearing. Available in Sizes 6000,8000 & 12000

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Shimano Catana 4000HG

Shimano Catana 4000

There are four reels in the re-launched Catana range, from 1000 to 4000 size, with the 2500, C3000, and 4000 HG having high retrieve ratios from 5.8 to 6.2:1 thanks to the presence of zinc DC gears. Perfect for freshwater, estuary and light offshore applications, the larger reels are capable of dialing up a whopping 8.5kg of drag power. The AR-C spool lip design increases casting distance, controls the development of wind knots, and creates less slap on the stripping guide. They come with two SUS ball bearings, plus one…

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Shimano Stradic 2500HG

The Shimano Stradic 2500HG-FK Spinning Fishing Reel is finally here! This much anticipated Fishing reel has been designed by Hagane to bring you a durable fighting reel just like the old Stradic’s but with the new look of a Stella. Shimano has packed this reel with plenty of features including a X-ship gearing system, a low friction roller clutch and a 6 ball bearing system with infinite anti-reverse to deliver anglers a reel with a tonne of power at a fraction of the price. another feature for the Stradic 2500HG-FK…

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Shimano Sienna


The Shimano Sienna 2500 FE Spinning Fishing Reel is the latest incarnation of the Sienna range. For over a decade the Sienna Series has arguably been the most popular, budget priced, quality spinning reels on the Australian market and the FE Sienna will be no exception. Shimano have packed this Sienna 2500 FE reel full of some of its latest developments in fishing reel technology, to produce a lightweight, high performance spinning reel. These features include an AR-C spool, new compact XGT-7 body, A Dyna Balanced rotor and a Varispeed…

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Eccoda Ranger ERA 3000


The ECOODA Ranger ERA packs a streamlined feature set into its elegant understated frame. The Ranger ERA sports a compact hard weathering Graphite Chassis built around a CNC Machined Stainless Steel Shaft. Five precision set Stainless Steel Ball Bearings keep the Ranger moving in sync. The precision CNC Milled Aluminium Alloy Spool and Computer Balanced Graphite Rotor combine with the Ranger’s S-Slider to give you optimal line-lay which minimizes tangles and air-knots for perfect casts. Choose ECOODA’s Ranger ERA for reliable Rock Solid Performance. Features Slimline durable saltwater proof Graphite…

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