Chasebaits Flick Prawn

Hand sculptured off a real prawn the FLICK PRAWN is incredibly realistic.  Made from Ultra durable and flexible 10X material, with awesome realistic finishes and an Ultra lifelike movement, the FLICK PRAWN is going to be too juicy to refuse.  Throw it into snags, slow roll or twitch it throughout drains and in open water. We have developed the FLICK PRAWN to be the winner on the water.


Size _   95 mm (3.74″)  |  Hook Size _ 3/0 with 4gm Lead Weight – (9gm / 0.31oz)

Size _ 125 mm (4.92″)  |  Hook Size _ 7/0 with 8gm Lead Weight – (21gm / 0.74oz)

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Chasebait Drunken Mullet

Tue Dec 18 , 2018
The Chasebaits Drunken Mullet Lure for sale now is a Swimbait with a difference. Articulated as swim baits are, the Drunken Mullet fishing lure adds a spinning prop tail feature that adds a new dimension to attracting big ones. The action makes it look like a wounded or exhausted fish. […]
Drunken Mullet

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