Eyes Wide open

Fishing Report

Now, I’m a big one for experiencing as many varying types of angling that I can, and surface fishing is one of the most exciting you can participate in………. but, you have to be able to change things up if there’s not much happening. With plenty of work commitments in recent weeks, time on the
water has been a bit thin, so to get my fishing fix I had to settle for a late night session. Mick and I flicked lures for a fair amount of time with bugger all action and there was no surface stuff moving, but within seconds of changing to a plastic, we had our first hookup, then another, and another and so on as the night went on. One bigger fish dropped let us know what the potential was, but a few around the 60 was the best we could get, plus a few rats.

It was the amount of Crocs that we saw that was the real surprise in the headlamps, and there were some big bruisers amongst them.
Yes we’ve seen some Crocs in this spot, but WOW, there’s a heap more than we first anticipated, and if your going to do the night time thing, stay well back from the edge and always have a head lamp, and don’t for a second think that you’ll be right just coz you haven’t seen any eyes. The most effective lures for the night were the Tilsan Barra, The Halco 90mm Skin Deep, White with Red Head Laser Pro 120, and the White Atomic Prong.

Cheers from the Fishing Warehouse.Cheers from the Fishing Warehouse.

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