For the angler that thinks outside the square there is tremendous value to be had when you look beyond the most famous and recognisable fishing brand names. The Fin-Nor Primal Reel for sale now offers spectacular features and amazing performance for at a price the Louis Viton fishing equivalents could never match.

The Primal Overhead Fishing Reel series Is an overhead built for braid and built for tackling blue water monsters. Trolling, Jigging or bouncing the bottom, whatever your blue water application, you can expect a premium performance without the premium price tag. All that is left is for you do decide which size and speed you require (We sell high speed reels for higher speed retrieves or a lower standard speed for those that want to crank and fish hard) There are a couple of awesome features however that both the high and low speed models share.

The Fin-Nor Primal reel size is amazingly small and the weight astonishingly low for a blue water fishing reel. There is no need to use huge, chunky, back breaking reels to jig or troll for blue water pelagic species. The Primal sits in the palm of your hand, and unless you were told, you would never guess that it packs a whopping 30 pounds of Carbon Fibre drag. Coupled with a very generous line capacity you can hit the ocean for the likes of Yellow Tail King Fish, Cobia, Dolphin Fish and even GT’s.

Strong and rigid, the small overhead packs one heck of a punch. There are 6 stainless shielded bearings to keep things super smooth and durable. The Megashield Multilayer Corrosion Protection also protects your investment ensuring you enjoy countless session with your Primal.

It’s not too much larger than your average round profile baitcaster but capable of being spooled with up to 400 yards of 50-pound braid the sky’s the limit.

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