Halco Tilsan Big Barra

This neutrally buoyant lure is an exceptional lure for casting at snags and structure where you want to crank the lure down to a desired depth and hold it in the strike zone either by twitching the lure or using a “rip and stop” type action.

With many predatory fish, the strike often occurs when the lure is stopped.

When stationary, the lure sits almost horizontal with a slight downward bias at the head. This is perfect for an immediate start as soon as the retrieve is commenced.

Use this lure for exciting sight fishing using a “twitch and stop” retrieve near the surface.

Note! Many fish find this fascinating as the lure stops and suspends at mid water. Upon twitching the lure again, the aggression exhibited by most fish is something to behold.

This style of sight fishing is a fantastic way of gaining a better understanding of a fishes reaction to a lure when the lure cannot be seen, such as fishing deeper or darker water.

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