Lucky Craft Gunfish 115

Hard Bodied Lucky Craft USA

The Lucky Craft Gunfish 115 is a topwater walking/popping hybrid lure that mimics a wide range of forage fish that swim atop the surface of the water. The Gunfish 115 is part of Lucky Craft’s extensive series of next generation topwater baits. It features a slim, tapered body design and a uniquely cup-shaped mouth. The configuration of the mouth makes the bait splash and pop in such a way that separates it from other walking baits. The Gunfish 115 glides across the water’s surface with a tight “walk the dog” action similar to the Sammy series. The distinct difference with the Gunfish 115 is the incredible fluid motion of the bait upon retrieval. This topwater will allow you to catch bass even under highly pressured situations. The resin/tungsten composite weighting system of the Gunfish will allow you to cast it a mile, and approach these fish from vantage points inaccessible with conventional topwaters. This will effectively catch those finicky bass without alerting them to your location. The Gunfish 115 is 4.5″ in length and weighs 3/5oz.

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