Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD

The Lucky Craft 100 DD is a suspending jerkbait that can mimics the action of a dying baitfish. The “DD” stands for deep diving – this version of the pointer can reach depths up to 7 feet. The Pointer 100 DD is a deeper diving version of the popular Pointer 100 SP. The DD maintains the same action and color patterns, but with added depth the Pointer 100 DD is a great bait for fishing a few feet deeper than the original 100 SP. This bait will dive about 6-7 feet deep and suspend when paused. It has a slightly wider wobble than the original, but maintains the same body shape. Anglers now have an option for body size when fishing the deeper water – this bait is significantly larger than the Staysee 90 which reaches similar depths.When the fish are holding out a little deeper this bait will get in their face and aggravate them to strike. The Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD measures 4″ in length and weighs 5/8oz with a diving depth of 6-7ft.

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Yo-Zuri Tobimaru(F) 105mm

Mon Nov 12 , 2018
With medium speed retrieve TOBIMARU works with wiggling action, with fast retrieve it works with wiggling and wobbling actions, TOBIMARU always works really great and never loses its balance. Incredible holographic scale finish. Durable Molded Body. Weight Transfer System – internal steel balls assure long casts and balanced action. Natural, […]
Yo-Zuri Tobimaru (F) 105