Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD

The Lucky Craft 100 DD is a suspending jerkbait that can mimics the action of a dying baitfish. The “DD” stands for deep diving – this version of the pointer can reach depths up to 7 feet. The Pointer 100 DD is a deeper diving version of the popular Pointer 100 SP. The DD maintains the same action and color patterns, but with added depth the Pointer 100 DD is a great bait for fishing a few feet deeper than the original 100 SP. This bait will dive about 6-7 feet deep and suspend when paused. It has a slightly wider wobble than the original, but maintains the same body shape. Anglers now have an option for body size when fishing the deeper water – this bait is significantly larger than the Staysee 90 which reaches similar depths.When the fish are holding out a little deeper this bait will get in their face and aggravate them to strike. The Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD measures 4″ in length and weighs 5/8oz with a diving depth of 6-7ft.

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