Available in a range of colours and sizes

The Barra Snax is a handcrafted timber bodied fishing lure originally designed in the 1980’s and reintroduced in 2014, it comes in 2 variations Shallow and 10+.

The Snax was designed to fish the Billabongs of the Northern Territory and proved an outstanding success, in fact, it propelled us into the world of commercial production back in the day.

As with all our lures, they are constantly evolving and the Snax is no exception the 10+ was added in 2015 and quickly proved itself with some memorable captures.

The Shallow runs, on the troll, at approx 1.5 metres and is slow sinking.

The 10+ runs, on the troll, at approx. 3 metres and is almost suspending.

Both lures can be fished with a cast and retrieve and have a tight action.

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