Old Dog Lures

The Mutt has a body length of 130 mm is handcrafted and comes in three depths shallow, 10+ and 18+ It was designed essentially to fish my old haunts around the Townsville Harbour

The Mutt hasn’t escaped the evolution process.  Over the last two years I’ve been playing around with bib design, hook and weight placement.  The 10+ and 18+ are both keel weighted with the center of balance forward of the front hook and they both run three #2 hooks.  The Shallow is tail weighted and comes with 2 #1 hooks.

Both the deeps swim with a head down attitude and almost have a reverse gear when stopped.

The shallow has a keel weight down near the tail and sits with it’s tail down and floats up with the tail down.  The original design had a metal bib and the new revised version has a polycarbonate bib and the angle is now much steeper allowing the lure to be worked off the surface.

The shallow runs, on the cast, at approx 1m and is very buoyant.  Ideal for shallow gutters.

The 10+ runs, on the troll, at approx. 3.5 m and floats up tail first at about 30°. Ideal trolling lure

The 18+ runs, on the troll, at approx. 5.5 m and floats up tail first at about 30°.  Like it’s little brother the Guttermaster if you’re fishing deep snags this is your lure, trolling or casting.

All three lures can be fished with cast and retrieve and have a tight action.

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