We will happily service your reels for you. Our Reel Technician Heath Kerr , has been servicing reels for 10+ years , so theres not too much he hasn’t seen when it comes to reels.  Reel Servicing starts at $40 Plus parts.

Heath’s Tips for Reel Maintenance

Always carry our a visual check prior to Carrying out Maintenance on your reel.

Before Cleaning always tighten up drags

Only ever use a a light spray of water to clean your reels after use  (soapy water can also be used)

Oil Bearings after each use

* spinning reals , take particular care of line roller bearing

* Overheads take particular care of spool bearing

Regular serving!!!! .. if the reel is to be used 3 to 4 times a month , then service every 6 months.  However if reel is only used once a month then once a year servicing is recommended.







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