The Bubble Pop 88 is a topwater, popper style lure that is designed to imitate the action and profile of forage fish causing commotion atop the water’s surface. The Bubble Pop 88 combines the action of a walking bait with the spitting sound of a popper.  Openings in the gill plates create sound and leave a trail of bubbles help fish home in, where premium finishes and treble hooks help seal the deal. The lure will yield best results when used during the post-spawn period from may-october in most areas. The best retrieve will consist of small tiwtches of the rod tip imparting a chugging motion and sound that replicates the baitfish bass often prey upon. Most anglers have found the use of braided line to be the most effective choice of fishing line when using this bait. The Bubble Pop 88 is 3 1/2″ in length and weighs 5/8oz.

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