Shimano Ocea Spouter

If there is a more beautiful looking popper we’ll stand and eat or collective hats. The finish, class and quality of the Ocea Spouter seem to epitomise everything that Shimano stands for. Of course, it comes with a surprise. While it may share the profile with standard popper fishing lure, Shimano innovation and creativity have added a deadly edge to the Ocea Spouter. An internal chamber behind the cupped face squirts a jet of spray as the lure is swept through the water. This created even more noise and visual action to attract surface feeding pelagic species.

Shimano have even made it easy to work. The low placed anchor makes it easy for the angler to impart the popping action. It’s quite easy to create a heck of a commotion with the Shimano Spouter Popper. One further innovation is that with the appropriate rod work the angler can make the Ocea Popper jerk and dive in a way not dissimilar to say a stick bait. This is great for giving an angler a variety of retrieves with the one lure.

Available in either 120mm or 150mm, both will cast brilliantly. You will cast your Ocea Spouter from your boat or from the rocks at every fish species that has a crack a surface bait fish. The list of targets, as with most poppers, really is huge. The difference with the Spouter is that it will entice the laziest, most well fed fish into aggressive attack mode. Your average GT or Tuna will hit this lure with amazing ferocity.

The Shimano Ocea Spouter Lures will promote the best of top water action. With heavy duty twin single hooks and split rings tested to 150lb, you know straight up that your Ocea Spouter is designed for big fish. Grab a few colours now.

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