The Storm Arashi Top Walker is a topwater walking lure that features a responsive walking action which delivers a longer glide and powerful wake even in choppy water conditions. Storm engineered the Arashi Top Walker to demand attention from fish with it’s wide glide action, low water position and multi-ball rattle. Finding the perfect buoyancy was a key in the design of the Top Walker – the lure sits “low” in the water although remaining a topwater lure. Sure, it sounds a bit paradoxical. Low might not be the best word, but essentially, the Top Walker uses a precise keel to displace more water and position half of the bait below the water and keeps the bait running true. This low roll action keeps the hooks below the bait at all times as it walks to increase positive hook-up percentage. Triple rotated hook hangers nest the hooks close to the body for improved action and allow for larger size hooks. Multiple rattles deliver a cadence sound with variable pitch frequency mimicking schooling baitfish and are perfectly placed for long casts. Sweet color patterns and 3D holographic eyes serve to enhance the lure’s action and premium VMC Black Nickel Treble hooks ensure striking bass remain hooked.

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