zman turbo crawz

Adaptive, versatile fishermen will find the Turbo CrawZ to be the ultimate swim jig or ChatterBait trailer, as well as a deadly soft plastic companion whether Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, flipping, or buzzing the top. Incredibly durable and lifelike, the bait’s specially designed Turbo ClawZ thump at even the slightest rod movement or reel crank. As important, Z-Man’s super buoyant ElaZtech® material allows the ClawZ to rise up off the bottom in a natural defensive posture.


Realistic crayfish / yabby profile
Turbo clawz thump at the slightest movement to attract fish and trigger strikes
Buoyant for a natural ‘claws up’ defensive pose when at rest on the bottom
10X Tough ElaZtech construction means more fish per lure
Super-soft and flexible realistic feel that keeps fish biting

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