Saturday, February 29, 2020
shimano sustain

Shimano Sustain

With a long and distinguished pedigree, the latest Sustain FI series is just loaded with high-end, high-performance features. How’s this for a lineup: Aluminium Hagane G Free Body, Hagane Gears, X-Ship, AR-C spool, Magnumlite Rotor, One Piece Bail, X Protect saltwater protection, and eight SA-RB bearings plus one roller bearing across four models from 2500 […]

Ecooda Jerkbait

Ecooda Jerk Bait 85

Jerk Baits ultra realistic swimming action, magnetic long casting system, lifelike digital finish and vibrating noises appeal to the senses of all predator species.

Ted’s Tutorial #5

In this Tutorial Ted , has a chat about Lure bibs, there affect on depth, and how to quickly tune a lure if its not swimming properly.

Ted’s Tutorials #4

  In this tutorial Ted shows us how to do the Haywire Twist for chasing big toothy fish like Mackerel.

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FLATZ RAT 2 + 10 SUSPENDING in stock now , a versatile lure that is well suited to both casting and trolling , will account for many of our estuary species including , Barra, Jacks, Queenies, Flathead etc $11.95 get a few in your kit today. ...

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As always if your heading out , check your local forecast and conditions prior to doing so . .....looking FLAT as a biscuit at this stage ...

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