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Line Spooling

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Line Spooling

Tedious line spooling need not be a chore - and it isn't for FISHING WAREHOUSE customers. Let our experienced staff spool your new or existing reel - threadline or overhead - with our precision line winder. The benefits are immediately obvious with significant time saved and line spooled under correct and consistent tension. This avoids problems down the track when the top working layers of incorrectly spooled line can crush and bite into the reserve line below causing disastrous problems. You know it's going to happen when you've hooked that fish-of-a-lifetime! The machine line counter will let you know precisely how much line you have on your reel - backing as well, if needed - so there is no wondering when that big fish takes that first long sustained run. Choose from any of your preferred lines, monofilament or braid, from our extensive shelf stock, or alternatively, save money when we fill your reel from our bulk spools of either quality braid or monofilament lines.


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