About Us

Co-owners Dale Welldon and Pat Dass have combined over 60 years experience in the fishing tackle industry. They have used their combined experience to make sure that Townsville’s leading tackle store remains the place for the novice and experienced angler alike. Five other qualified and competent staff members, all Townsville local, that have a vast knowledge of the many facets of fishing available to anglers in North Queensland ensure service second to none.

The huge range available insures that new developments in the fishing industry are well represented in their store .The range includes plenty of big name brands and while these have the reputation the Fishing Warehouse carries a variety of other options to cater for any budget. This insures that whatever type of fishing you want to do the gear is up to the task. We pride ourselves on our massive range of lures as well as one of the biggest ranges of fishing rods and reel to be seen. Pre made combos are our specialty and setting up an outfit with the right line and leader to insure your outfit is balanced is second nature for all of our staff. So if you are a local new to town or even thinking of heading our way for a holiday don’t hesitate to give any of the guys a call on what’s happening on the fishing front.

Tacklehead Pty Ltd t/as Fishing Warehouse
ABN: 66 124 839 756
158 Duckworth St, Garbutt. Qld 4814
Phone : (07) 4779 8399
Fax : (07) 4779 8499
Email : sales@thefishingwarehouse.com.au

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