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North Queensland’s largest range of fishing tackle and accessories under the one roof, the FISHING WAREHOUSE has you covered. From hooks, lines and sinkers through to high-end electric reels and custom rods, we’ve got the lot! A massive range of reels suiting all budgets include side-cast, threadline, baitcast, fly, jig and larger overhead game type reels, while an equally extensive selection of rods, from light to heavier action models, factory and custom, suit all persuasions of fishing. And our custom pre-selected rod & reel combos are balanced by our expert staff and make choosing your next rod and reel an effortless exercise. These suit landbased, estuary, inshore, bluewater, game, reef and deep-water applications. A full range of terminal tackle including hook styles and patterns to suit all species will be found alongside a range of quality snaps, swivels, trebles, split rings, single and multi-strand wires and bait jigs. It’s no secret that we are immensely proud of our huge lure selection with everything from soft plastic offerings to skirted pushers for large gamefish species well represented. Our selection of barra lures, including handcrafted timber models, must be seen to be believed. And tackle boxes – we’ve got tray style boxes to suit store all your terminals, lures and accessories while specialised box arrangements and wallet style pouches find special favour with many anglers. Knives to suit fillet, general and special purpose applications are kept sharp with specialised stones and sharpening devices, while dedicated fishing pliers, cutters and dehooking tools are all considered essential tools for tropical anglers. Bait nets, yabby pumps, aerators, bait buckets, crab pots, floats, gaffs, landing nets, wading bags, rod travel cases, rod stands – they’re all here! Lines – both braid and monofilament – and leader materials including fluorocarbon, are represented in all strengths and diameters. And why not save when you choose from our bulk-spool line options? Add to that baits, burley, fish oils and scents – the FISHING WAREHOUSE has got you covered once more. Selected reel parts, rod guides, binding, varnishes and epoxy keep you busy when the weather is crook, or you might choose to let our expert staff service and repair your tackle. FISHING WAREHOUSE, also stocks quality spearfishing and snorkelling gear, sunwise fishing apparel including quality design sub laminated fishing shirts, hats, caps and footwear. Polarised sunglasses will help you see more fish while stinger suits are considered an angler’s friend in the tropical summer – we’ve got those too. Meanwhile, boating accessories include recreational safety equipment such as flares, GPIRB’s, V Sheet and lifejackets. Rod holders, anchors, ropes, shackles and chain, navigation lights, and registration decals complete and extensive inventory of even last-minute necessities – like boat bungs! And just because we haven’t mentioned it here, it doesn’t mean we don’t stock it!