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Custom Rigging

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Custom Rigging

One of the great things about Aussie fishing is the wonderfully diverse fishing options we enjoy. With that, tactics and methods tend to vary greatly from state to state - and even more so, region to region - depending on the species being sought. We here at the FISHING WAREHOUSE offer a Custom Rigging service and this is especially appreciated and utilised by visiting anglers and those new to town and testing North Queensland's tropical waters for the first time. Custom rigs might include several troll bait variations - chin guards, jig head and wog head rigs - for those fond of tangling with large Spanish mackerel, while skirted pushers or troll heads for both marlin and sailfish can be appropriately rigged with first class quality hooks and leaders. And with North Queensland salt and freshwater flyfishing opportunities more readily realised in recent years, lines, leaders and tippets are crafted to suit your particular applications.


And why not experiment with your own custom rigging ideas? Swap out standard treble hook configurations on bluewater lures for more secure single hook arrangements. Or perhaps pimp deep water jigs with assist style configurations. Maybe some off-the-shelf barramundi lures aren't swinging hooks capable of holding the barra you have in your sights and a retrofit is necessary... Whatever you have in mind, the FISHING WAREHOUSE has the tools for the job, no matter how big, small or intricate.


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