Bubble Shiner 85mm

Berkley Bubble Shiner 5″

The new Powerbait 5 inch Bubble Shiner features a classic ribbed body profile with slim T shaped paddle tail for a tight swimming action at the slowest of speeds. Designed in Japan, the Bubble Shiner is belly weighted with salt crystals for improved action. On the drop or on the hop, the Bubble Shiner tail […]

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Ecooda Jerkbait

Ecooda Jerk Bait 85

Jerk Baits ultra realistic swimming action, magnetic long casting system, lifelike digital finish and vibrating noises appeal to the senses of all predator species.

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rapala shallow

Rapala Shallow magnum – Smag 14

The S-MAG Lure is designed with a streamlined, rounded body that makes it a perfect swimming lure. it is weighted to near neutral buoyancy allowing a variety of presentations in the water. The Shallow Magnum Lure has a great running action in the water, topped with its streamlined body it makes for a great lure […]

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Rapala Barra Magnum -Bmag11

Built tough to handle the tropical brutes found in all equatorial waters, the new Barra Magnum series has passed with flying colors in test from around the globe. Whether fishing the coasts of Australia to the azure blue waters of the Carribean there’s a Barra Magnum for you. With all the features of the original […]

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flat rap

Rapala Flat Rap 16

Built of balsa with a slow-rising response on retrieve pause, the Flat Rap® swims with a hard-flashing modification of the classic Rapala® “wounded-minnow” action. The triangle lip assists in creating the unique, quicker flashing action while deflecting off obstacles in its way. Sticky sharp VMC® black nickel hooks. Hand-tuned and tank-tested to ensure it embodies […]

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Chasebait Smash Crab

Made from Ultra durable and flexible 10X material the SMASH CRAB is very tough and ultra-realistic. Once cast, it will flip onto its belly and the legs and claws will vibrate rapidly

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ecooda live shrimp

Ecooda Live Shrimp

The Ecooda Live Shrimp lures are so lifelike you’ll find it hard to resist eating them yourself!
But it gets worse. Tie a line to them, cast them into the water and watch them swim.

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