Category: Soft Plastics

  • Bubble Shiner 85mm

    Berkley Bubble Shiner 5″

    The new Powerbait 5 inch Bubble Shiner features a classic ribbed body profile with slim T shaped paddle tail for …

  • smashcrab

    Chasebait Smash Crab

    Made from Ultra durable and flexible 10X material the SMASH CRAB is very tough and ultra-realistic. Once cast, it will flip onto its belly and the legs and claws will vibrate rapidly

  • ecooda live shrimp

    Ecooda Live Shrimp

    The Ecooda Live Shrimp lures are so lifelike you’ll find it hard to resist eating them yourself!
    But it gets worse. Tie a line to them, cast them into the water and watch them swim.

  • Flick Prawn

    Chasebaits Flick Prawn

    Hand sculptured off a real prawn the FLICK PRAWN is incredibly realistic.  Made from Ultra durable and flexible 10X material, …

  • ripsnorter

    Chasebait Rip Snorter

    The RIP SNORTER is the worlds first true weedless vibe. With a custom snap on hook you can fish deep …

  • Damiki Jumble Shad

    Damiki Jumble Shad 4″

    The Damiki Jumble Shad is a thin profile paddle tail soft plastic ideal for chasing the widest variety of species from …