Spanyid Sniper Vibe 80

spanned Sniper Vibe

The Spanyid Sniper Vibe is a new, soft plastic UV-enhanced hybrid lure. This radical, effective design allows the angler to work every depth of the water column for almost any species. Robustly built with durable through-wire construction tested to 26 kilograms and fitted with ultra sharp VMC trebles, the Spanyid Sniper Vibe is available in eight proven fish catching colours and four sizes ranging from 60 to 120 millimetres, making them the most versatile vibe range on the market.

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Berkley MF 70 Soft Vibe Hybrid

Berkley mf 70

BERKLEY’S MF70 hybrid lure offers thee benefits of a vibration lure with addition of the fish attracting scent of Berkley Powerbait. The soft Powerbait body not only introduces scent to MF lures, it also enhances the tight vibrating action. At 26 grams and 70mm the MF70 is ideal for a range of Australian species including big bass, barra, jacks, flathead, jew, snapper – the list goes on. All MF soft vibes feature the best in hardware including super sharp Owner hooks and Owner rings, heavy duty construction and a PowerBait…

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Ikuza Vibaz soft Vibe

ikuza vibaz soft vibe

All good lure anglers know that come the cooler months, a vibe will often be your go to option for encouraging the bite. When the water is cold and the air temps even colder species such as Bream will hang down deep in the water column and get very selective indeed as to what they will eat. Often, the only weapon to a sluggish Bream to the feed will be a well presented Vibe. The Ikuza Vibaz Soft Vibe Lure is nigh on perfect for this application. The soft PVC…

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Samaki Vibelicious 100mm

samaki vibelicious 100mm

Samaki Vibelicious fish perfectly mimics the tight shimmer of a baitfish, luring in a variety of predator species. Samaki Vibelicious is constructed of 10X strong super stretch material, new VMC 4X strong spark point hooks and premium Japanese wire not to mention its available in over 14 amazing colours and unique sizes. Designed for speed, action and ultimate attraction whether it is for inshore reefs, coastal estuary fishing, freshwater impoundments or the Northern run-off the Vibelicious will be the stealthiest lure in your tackle box. 10X Super Stretch Material VMC…

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Fish Candy Jack Hammer 98mm Vibe

Fish Candy Jack Hammer Vibe

The Fish Candy Jack Hammer fork vibe is a soft vibration lure that works like dynamite on big barra. A very high vibration lure when the rod tip is pulsed on the retrieve. Another unique feature of this lure is an internal pocket in the mid body to which you can add the supplied rattles, chemical glow sticks, or scent sticks for even more of an edge on shut down fish. The lure comes pre rigged with good strong Decoy rings and YW77 trebles which makes it extremely good value…

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